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Welcome to Some say that the Kerry Blue terriers history can possibly be traced back to the Spanish dogs from the shipwrecked Armada on the Irish Coast in 1588. Others believe the Kerry Blue Terrier is simply a true native to Ireland. In the eighteenth century it was used for fighting, hunting, herding, and as a watch dog. Other dogs possibly found in its early ancestry are Dandie Dinmonts and Bedlingtons. The Kerry Blue is the National Dog of Ireland. The Kerry Blue terrier is an all around dog and house pet. It is good natured, loyal, and playful. The average Kerry Blue terrier weighs about 35 lbs. and is 18 inches tall at the shoulder. The coat is thick, soft and silky and is steel blue to gun metal in color. Kerry Blue terriers are born black and usually turn blue within eighteen months. Kerry Blue Terriers do not shed. Other breeds of dogs may also be found on this website.
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